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Jennifer Kirk

B.S Nutrition & Dietetics, Certified Holistic Health Coach
Jennifer Kirk has a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics. Her passion has always been health & wellness. She graduated from the University of
Central Arkansas in 2010 and has since been discovering proven ways to lose weight without dieting or taking diet supplements and effectively maintaining that weight loss. Jennifer has helped numerous people discover who they are without the pressures of dieting taking over their lives. She focuses on your lifestyle and habits that may be sabotaging your efforts in reaching your goals.

She enjoys one-on-one sessions, as well as group settings. If you want to add a little more strength and fitness into your routine she is more than ready to help you boost your energy level to get it done. Jennifer has been training for a year and has been certified through
Health & Fitness.
"No one diet is perfect for everyone. You have to find your own personal path."

lori garner

certified pilates instructor
Lori Garner has been in the fitness field for well over 15 years. She began her weight training career in 1997, then added Pilates to her certification list in 1999. She enjoys helping each of her clients reach their goals by teaching them the importance of physical activity, flexibility and core strength through her dynamic fitness routine. She holds certifications from the Align Studio in Tarzana, CA from Quinton Josephy, The Ron Fletcher Program of Study and from Centerworks Pilates in Wichita, Kansas. Her extensive experience both professional and personal has created a long list of happy clients.                      
"Pray more. Fear less. Live better."

Michal Petrarca

certified personal Trainer
Bio coming soon..

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