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Our detailed programs includes support meetings, detailed health assessment, training workouts and nutrition instruction to put you on the path to success!

welcome to our fit smart program!

Have you been trying to lose weight, but can’t seem to have long lasting success? We all have unique lifestyles, habits and ancestral backgrounds which is why we all don’t benefit from these cookie cutter diets. Fad diets all promise miraculous results for your outward appearance- yet people continue to eat poorly, gain weight and depend on medications to maintain their health. Join the Fit Smart program to begin re-shaping your eating habits and achieve your optimal weight and keep it off. We do not dwell on calories, carbs, fats and proteins and we don’t create a list of restrictions for you. Our plans are very simple to follow. Find out what your Primary foods are and get a fresh start, have more energy, feel confident and enjoy life to the fullest. Call Now 501-280-9977 ask for Jennifer or Greg.

Our program includes:

  • One-on-One Weekly/Bi-weekly Support Meetings with your Health Coach
  • Detailed Health Assessment including a body fat analysis
  • Circuit training workouts with a personal trainer (optional at no extra cost)
  • Learn your Primary and Secondary foods
  • 12 proven steps to well being
  • Strategies to reduce stress and emotional eating
  • Learn why nutrition is twice as important as exercise
  • No Pills, Supplements, or Packaged Food to buy
  • Group Weight Loss or Private Individual Programs
lasting success

real results

“If you were to see me in person today, the smile you see on the outside is actually the same smile you would find on the inside, its real. Growing up, I was always overweight. It seemed like I tried every kind of weight loss program and diet out there, but nothing seemed to work permanently – any weight I lost quickly came back, plus some. My mom surprised me with an appointment to meet my future health coach, Jennifer. She never made me feel pressured or rushed and answered all of my questions thoroughly easing my fears and worked with me along the way. A lot of people ask me what diet I am on; and my coach has taught me that there is no diet. Diets just make temporary changes. It’s called a new healthy lifestyle. making healthier choices, lots of green veggies and water! I feel great and want the world to know!! Thank you for giving “the real” ME back.